Festival Currency

Crowns are the Official Festival Currency of Taste of Auckland used to purchase tasting dishes and drinks at the festival.

1 Crown = $1
Crowns are refundable at the end of a session, however cannot be refunded after the 4-day festival has concluded.
* The Electronic Crown System
If you wish to purchase beverages and dishes from the restaurants and bars at Taste of Auckland, you must use Crowns for transactions. You can get your Crown Card online at the time of your ticket purchase (VIP & Premium tickets) or on-site at the festival from the Taste Bank or Roving Crown Sellers (General Admission ticket).
VIP and Premium tickets come with Crowns, allowing you to arrive ready to sip, sample and shop with no delays!
Exhibitors can only deduct. They will accept cash, debit or credit cards for products to take home. 
* How many Should I Buy?
Tasting size dishes from the restaurants are priced from 6-16 Crowns, with drinks from 6 Crowns. The servings are tapas sized allowing you to create your ultimate tasting menu from a variety of restaurants!
To sample a few tasting dishes, take part in a masterclass and enjoy live chef demonstrations, we recommend you begin your tasting journey with 30-50 Crowns.
You can top up your Crown Card during the festival with any amount you like, just pop by the Taste Bank or a Roving Crown Seller dressed in hot pink!
* The Crown Card Bond Initiative
In an effort to decrease the festival’s carbon footprint, we have put in place a $1 Crown Card Bond. It is our hope that by putting a bond on each Crown Card, visitors will return their cards for a refund at the festival and allow us to reuse the Crown Cards at Taste of Auckland.
A $1 bond is applied to every Crown Card upon purchasing. This bond can be refunded at any Crown Bank upon returning your Crown Card at the festival. Your Crown Bond will not be included in your Crown Card balance e.g. if you put $50 on your Crown Card, you will receive 49 Crowns to spend ($1 = 1 Crown).
This bond is only charged during the initial Crown Card purchase. You will not be charged a bond for subsequent Crown top ups on your Crown card during the festival.