Hangi Pit Masters

01 May 2018

So, this came about from the Gourmet Hāngī we did at Taste of Auckland in 2015. Our goal was to create a conversation about the Hāngī – we wanted to explore how the traditional Māori method of cooking could be utilised in modern restaurant cooking – chefs with vast knowledge gained from cooking all over the world now putting their minds to cooking in the earth.

When done correctly Hāngī can be a beautiful smokey, earthy experience. Couple that up with chefs who bring texture, aethics and the quest for deliciousness to every dish they create and the results are amazing! We enlisted Rewi Spraggon who has made more Hāngī than we’ve had French fries.

Last year at Taste, we did it again and we paired Rewi up with 6 chefs, they cooked a total of 13 Hāngī at the festival over 4 days, serving their creations to festival visitors – see here. This time, Māori TV filmed the journey and we can’t wait to see the results.

We hope that we will now see a revival in Hāngī cuisine. Not just as a cooking method, but from a community perspective this really is the traditional Kiwi celebration.

Rewi talks to RNZ’s Wallace Chapman here.

Tune in Wednesday 2 May over at Māori TV




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