Experience the sumptuous cuisine of ten of New Zealand’s best restaurants, from time-honoured and delicious traditional fare to exciting and contemporary fusion, award-winning dishes to delectable crowd favourites. Indulge in the Official Restaurants of Taste of Auckland 2017 in partnership with Electrolux with their stunning signature dish tasting menus, created specifically for the festival. Each tasting dish is around 4-5 bites so you can try a selection of dishes over the session.

ARTWOK  –  Baduzzi  –  Eat NZ Kitchen with The Cult Project  –  Euro  –  Miss Moonshines  –  Paris Butter  –  SAAN  –  TOK TOK  –  Vodka Room  –  1947 Eatery


Rou Jia Mo

Slow braised shredded pork belly served in homemade pita pockets (2 pieces)
11 crowns

Shui Jiao (Dumplings)

Boiled dumplings with pork prawn, spring onion and ginger (5 pieces)
12 crowns

Koushui Ji

De-boned chicken leg, sichuan pepper oil, sesame peanut dressing and peanuts (very spicy)
19 crowns

Icon Dish**: Heijiao Niuzaili

Savannah Angus eye fillet, black pepper sauce, red onions (served medium rare for maximum tenderness)
35 crowns
**Limited availability


Slow cooked Te Mana lamb meatballs

with piadina flatbread and gremolata
10 crowns

Baduzzi’s famous Vittoria style tiramisu

10 crowns

Fire roasted aubergine

with Max’s hand-crafted soft burrata cheese (V)
12 crowns

Icon Dish**: 1/2 Karitane crayfish

grilled and smoked over Totara
22 crowns
**Limited availability

Eat NZ Kitchen with The Cult Project

Pineapple lump

Chocolate marquise and spiced pineapple
7 crowns

Kiwi onion dip

Salt and vinegar kumura crisp with house made sour cream (V)
7 crowns

Sausage sizzle

Our pork sausage, handmade Vienna style white bread, carrot BBQ sauce and toms kawa kawa mayo
11 crowns

Icon Dish**: Fish and chips

Kahawai sashimi, smoked fish bone glaze, buttermilk mash, potato skin cracker and pickled lemon
12 crowns
**Limited availability


Barbecued squid

with heirloom tomato salad, chilli and pork crackling
11 crowns

Wood-fire seared, chopped beef tartare

with smoky egg yolk and kumara chips
13 crowns

Goats curd stuffed zucchini flower

with shaved zephyr courgettes and truffle honey (V)
14 crowns

Icon Dish**: Smoked Te Mana Lamb

with wild wheat tabbouleh, labne and dukkah
20 crowns
**Limited availability

Miss Moonshines

MMFC Moonshines spicy fried chicken

with blue cheese sauce
9 crowns

Beef short rib

grass fed with dog sauce and pickles (GF)
11 crowns

From the Meat Dome – Hawke’s Bay lamb

with fired pumpkin and chimichurri
12 crowns

Icon Dish**: Grass-fed 350g short rib

smoked for eight hours with pohutukawa, pickles and dog sauce (GF)
34 crowns
**Limited availability

Paris Butter

“Sarladaises” duck fat fries

with burnt ceps, mushrooms and parmesan aoli
10 crowns

“Ferrero Roche”

Hazelnut cremeux, aero chocolate, chocolate ganache, hazelnut praline and caramel ice cream
10 crowns

Boeuf bourguignon taco

with beef cheek, smoked potato, black pepper sauce and pickled shallots
12 crowns

Citrus cured salmon

parsnip yoghurt, coconut and lime gel with beetroot ice cream
12 crowns

Icon Dish**: New Zealand scallops

sashimi of the scallop meat, celeriac puree, red wine and lemon gel, soy vinegrette, cured pork cheek and wakame seaweed
20 crowns
**Limited availability


Somtum Thai

Spicy green papaya salad with tomatoes, snake beans, dried shrimp, limes and peanuts
6 crowns

Lon Phu Nim

Crispy fried soft shell crab with pickled crab and coconut sauce, dill and coriander
12 crowns

Mussaman Gae

classic Thai mussaman curry with Silere lamb shoulder, kumara, pickled baby onions, peanuts and curry leaf
12 crowns

Icon Dish**: Ka Nom Jeen Gang Gae

Te Mana lamb rump with rice vermicelli, Asian eggplant, grilled chilli, coconut sauce and pickled cucumber
25 crowns
**Limited availability

Tok Tok

Spanner crab & seared scallop bettel leaf (GF)

10 crowns

Crispy pork steamed bun

with apple cucumber kimchi
10 crowns

Crispy quarter duck

with orange, ginger, Vietnamese mint & spiced salt
15 crowns

Icon Dish**: Green curry of Ruakaka Kingfish

with clams & pickled pork cheek
20 crowns
**Limited availability

Vodka Room


Pan-fried truffle butter vareniki filled with roasted potatoes, garlic, rosemary, cream cheese, sour cream & topped with crispy shallots & chives (V)
8 crowns

Lamb ribs

Triple-cooked Hawke’s Bay ribs rubbed in Uzbek spices atop slow smoked potato puree with pesto & pomegranate jewels
10 crowns

Octopus confit

Kefir butter beans, fermented heirloom tomatoes, pickled onions & croutons
12 crowns

Icon Dish**: Russian Seafood Salad

King crab, hot smoked salmon, Antarctic toothfish, salo, spring greens, sous vide egg yolk, black bread, caviar & horse radish
25 crowns
**Limited availability

1947 Eatery

Papri chaat

Crisp fried wafers with spiced potatoes, yoghurt, tamarind chutney, mint chutney & topped with red onions & crispy thin noodles (contains nuts) (V)
8 crowns

Chilli chicken

Deep fried chicken tossed in soy sauce, chilli, capsicum & spring onions
10 crowns

Malabar prawn fry

King prawns marinated in gunpowder spices & fried to perfection
12 crowns

Icon Dish**: Bombay bunny chow

Spiced boneless dry goat curry cooked to mouth melting perfection, filled in a soft bread bun, topped with tangy yoghurt & pickled baby carrot
15 crowns
**Limited availability